So… we’re here!

This blog is to keep our friends and family updated on the happenings of this ‘God adventure’ we have undertaken.

After saying goodbye to Dad King, which was very difficult, we left for Rimbey to pick up our daughter and son-in-law (Pete and Ashley).  Then all of us (Stephanie, Matthew, Ashley, Peter, baby Nathan and ourselves) headed to Calgary for the night.  We stayed in a hotel together and had a wonderful last night.  We had a chance to skype Jeff, Ruth and the grandkids from the hotel one last time before setting off to the Airport.  Our children made leaving much less traumatic than we thought.  Of course we were sad and we cried – not having them close will be very difficult and their absence will be keenly felt.

We flew out of Calgary on August 4th at 2:30pm and arrived in London Gatwick at 5:30am.  We were greeted by Phil and Jane Perry, a couple we had met during the 10 days we spent at Quiet Waters in April.  They are on the Board of Trustees and had spent the night in a hotel near the airport so they could get up early and pick us up – very kind of them.  We took the 3 hour ride to Bungay and the retreat center.  It looked the same as it did in April when we visited, but with the thought of “this is now our home“ in our minds, it seemed shockingly different than what we expected.

Today we woke up at 1pm – sleeping 15 hours!  We have been hit by jet lag, but are trying to re-coup our energy and hope to be pretty much over it by tomorrow.  We have unpacked all our luggage and hit the town of Bungay (walked there – we need to buy a car).  We have met the guests who are `retreating` here at QW and had good conversation and some laughs.  We realize that people come here with challenges that are well beyond us, but we look forward to seeing what God will do.

We begin the practical part of our work on Monday.  In the interim, we hope to find some sense of normalcy and maybe a glimpse of the real purpose for God bringing us here.


5 responses to “So… we’re here!

  1. god bless, when you buy a car, you can teach them to drive on the right side of the road. (pun intended)

  2. We’ve been together as a family ,with Bill here also, for lunch at Pat & Don’s so we checked out the quiet waters web site and got up to date on your latest news. We admire that you stepped out for the Lord on this new experience. We will be especially praying for you these next few weeks as you settle in. Love in Him from all of us.

  3. So glad you have this. We’ll be regular followers (here and elsewhere). 🙂

  4. Want to buy a lawn mower?

  5. We all look forward to reading updates and keeping in touch as you venture on your new spiritual path. Remember the poem…footprints in the sand by Mary Stevenson; the Lord is always with you!

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