Day Off


So, today was our first day off.  We took the bus to Beccles, a little town about 10 min from Bungay.  We took the ‘milk route’ and got an amazing tour of the countryside.  We have attached some pictures for your pleasure.

The most amazing part of our day was that at the end of the day we went to Tesco, the large grocery retailer in East Anglia.  We are standing in line to buy our groceries and lo and behold, the lady in front of us was one of the five people we know in all of England.  Amazing!  She was the former cook at Quiet Waters, who we had met in April.  I have no idea what the chances are we would meet her, but there she was.  We had a lovely chat and she gave us a ride home.



4 responses to “Day Off

  1. I think Stan would look just as lovely in the green hat too! Orange if you can find one. So what’s for lunch? Do they have a Smiley’s there?

  2. Wow, those are some amazing pics! I just watched the DVD “Elizabeth” so they evoked some of the incredible history behind them. Mind boggling. Glad to hear you made it to the first day off ok! and got a couple shots of “sunny” England. – cool back yard! If it helps, we may have had more rain here than there this summer.
    Good luck on getting the new Bentley:)

  3. Well, if you must settle. Be nice for doing some adventuring in. How’s your driving on the other side?Don’t know that I could manage it.
    I mentioned I just watched “Elizabeth”, have you seen it? – an amazing look at a pivotal time in English history and well done.
    Well i’m off. Top of the even… I mean morning!

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