Best parts of the last week

I was just thinking through the best parts of the last week. None of them were really profound, but they do reflect our new way of life.

The first thing that comes to mind is the trips to our little town of Bungay. I am going to write a blog dedicated to Bungay one day, but for today’s blog I just want to highlight the fact that I can walk through the town and say Hi to people we know there. There is the guys/girls at Coopers, the hardware store. Then there are the two guys at the computer store, and the teller at the Bank. It feels like a small town when you walk the street and wave at the various shop owners.

We have had a wide range of guests, but the highlight in many ways is the ‘bat’ people that we had come. There was a group of 20-30 year olds who stayed for two nights.  They were in the area to count bats.  They would come in at 10:30 pm and leave around 3:30 in the morning. The last day they came back and hung out for breakfast. It was fun to hang out with some younger people again.

Becky and I went to Norwich on Friday. Norwich is the biggest city in the area and has an actual cathedral. The cathedral was built in the 10th century, and updated in the 13th and 14th century. Pretty old stuff.

This one is going to surprise some of you. A highlight for me was buying an apple peeler and trying to use it. It doesn’t seem to be working all that well, but I am hoping I can keep adjusting it and ultimately it will be great. We have hundreds of apples to peel, so the thought of doing it by hand is overwhelming.

We are very fortunate that each week, we are able to talk to our children and various other family members on skype.  Technology is a wonderful thing and it is always a highlight when we connect.  As sweet as it was that Matt and Steph sang “Happy Birthday” to me on Saturday, it paled in comparison to the “Happy Birthday” sung by Eliot, Lucy and Annie, three of my grandchildren.  Nathan, my youngest grandchild could not sing to his grandpa as he does not yet speak, although he grunts delightfully.  I am sure in his mind he was wishing me a happy birthday wish.

The final best part of the week was the interview of another couple to come join us at Quiet Waters. We have been fortunate to have three of the Trustees of Quiet Waters volunteering a ton of time, but we need to hire another couple to work with us. The couple held promise and just the thought of it gave us a sense of optimism.

These were the highlights.  For all of you visual types, I am sure Becky will post some pictures soon.


One response to “Best parts of the last week

  1. Enjoying reading your blog. Hope you get the apple peeler to work! God bless.
    Love, Dave & Eleanor

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