Best parts, so far…

I am looking out of the kitchen window of the main retreat house and see a fat (and I mean the size of a chicken) pigeon.  They eat them here, well not at the retreat (yet), but at a fancy restaurant in Bungay.  They are pretty tasty and very lean – all that wadding and flying will do that to you!

It’s taken awhile to acclimatize to the change in culture and learn to appreciate the slower pace. Knowing God is in this makes all the difference.

I’m attaching some pictures of Norwich.  It was a great day.  The cathedral was amazing, not only by architectural standards but historically as well.  It is a business, no doubt, but the vastness of the place does make you think about the greatness of God.

Even the ride on the bus (15 miles and 55 minutes later we got there) was a great way to see the countryside.

Anyway on to the pictures…


2 responses to “Best parts, so far…

  1. wow – pretty cool…

  2. Enjoying reading your blog! God bless you and hope you get the apple peeler to work!!
    Love, Dave & Eleanor

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