Our new wheels!

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Well, we did it, we bought a car – and got a great deal for a… 1998 Mercedes A140.  It has 87,000 miles on it and is a ghastly colour of green, but as the old adage goes ‘it get you from point A to point B and has heat’, therefore it is a great car!!  But in the case it really is!!

Yesterday we took the bus to Diss to look at the car on advise from a friend.  We got off the bus, walked a couple of blocks and there is was.  We test drove it, found out it had a MOT (Motor Operational Test) for 6 months (which is OK), and that they wanted 1/2 of the price we had budgeted for a car – bonus!

So we bought it!

Look at the pics so you can see what it looks like.


10 responses to “Our new wheels!

  1. Look at you, all fancy and car-like.

  2. cute – maybe that is not what you wanted to hear about your car but it is CUTE. glad you got such a good deal – it certainly looks in good shape.

  3. We’re GREEN with envy. Ever thought you’d be a mercedes owner?

  4. Love the new wheels!

  5. A Mercedes to boot! Speaking of boots – can’t wait to see how you’re going to get the boxes we are bringing in the boot of that car!

    • We will be making numerous trips to visit you in Seven Oaks! Although, the cool part of this car is that the rear seats don’t just lay down, but they actually come right out. I hope the boxes will be okay, thanks for bring all our earthly goods over.

  6. Nice ride! I was hoping you’d have a pimped out ride to pick me up in! Less than a month!

  7. Nice, looks brand new! We love the color of the car also, you guys look good as well.

  8. I love the green color plus it’s a Mercedes!

  9. I had meant to look at the pictures sooner (since I get the updates directly), but that is hilariously awesome!! Hope you’re getting a hang of the roads. 🙂 (They sound terrifying).

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