A new way to drive?

Ah-h-h-h, I think my heart just left my throat!  We have just returned from a trip to Norwich and what a drive!!!

Picture, if you will, narrow roads without verges (that’s shoulder to you North Americans), bushes on either side, close enough on one side for the passenger to brush with their hands and on the other for the driver to smack the driver in the on-coming cars with their hands, ‘S’ curves and everyone driving 40-50 miles an hour!!  Yikes, hair raising and heart thumping, in a not excited but terrified way!!!

We made to to Norwich and back in one piece – mostly due to Stan’s amazing driving skill – and had a great 1/2 day!  While we were there we picked up some ‘fix it’ stuff for the retreat.  Went to Clas Ohlson – a store that is, I think, the German version of IKEA.  Lots of stuff for the home, plus personal stuff like fishing equipment and school supplies.  Anyway we got the few things we were looking for, grabbed a coffee (a tall black and a short white – I know, we need to understand the coffee terminology), and walked around for a couple of hours.  Then on our way back we stopped at the Dove Pub for supper.  All in all a lovely time.  The bus is much less stressful, but having a car has made us feel like we can really get a break and take off somewhere.

Next big break will be to pick up Steph at Gatwick – we are so excited to see her!  I’ve already planned to go to Norwich with her for a shopping trip at the Chapelfield Mall – lots of stores and lots of people.  But that time we will take the bus – it drops you off at the mall and you still have your sanity intact!

(Stay tuned for a movie showing the very close driving conditions!)


5 responses to “A new way to drive?

  1. crazy (the driving) – I’m NOT looking forward to that – especially learning to drive there! can’t wait to see you both – have fun with Steph!!

  2. I hope it was Mom who was taking video, and not Dad. Because videotaping while driving does not help with the whole psycho roads.

  3. I loved driving on the opposite side of the road, legally. So a few more short roads trips before the big one??? At least the moose can’t get through the hedges onto the roads.:)

  4. Watch a show called “Doc Martin” filmed in England and seen those roads. You really are in “God’s Hands”! Watch out for all the little critters that manage to escape through the hedges.

  5. Well, one thing about the neon green is you’re always likely to be seen!
    Happy thanksgiving ( I guess they have it there?)

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