We missed out on having Thanksgiving here.  England doesn’t appear to have a day to be thankful.  I wonder if Canadians and Americans are more mindful of being appreciative because at least once a year they pause (or at least are suppose to pause) to be thankful.  Or maybe the Brits are always thankful, and so they don’t need any prompting.  Anyways, I missed thanksgiving.  Sitting down and jotting down a few things for which you can be thankful is a good exercise at any point.  I find it wards off being caught by despair and being pulled down by the ‘gravitational pull of negativity’ (Pinball Clements quote).  So, the things I am thankful for right now are:

  • The parents, children, grandchildren, siblings and siblings-in-law that Becky and I have
  • Coming to England has caused me to pray more consistently and more fervently than ever before
  • My new granddaughter, Moira, was born
  • Stephanie has been with us for two weeks and it has given us a brief sense of ‘home’
  • Becky and I have worked together as a team better than I could have ever hoped
  • We live in an absolutely beautiful part of England, near Bungay, a very fine old town
  • Our guests are as divergent as can be, with a single commonality of a gracious appreciation for what we do for them
  • We live in an era of technology that lets us communicate with our family almost daily
  • I have a lot of fond memories of my life and relationships in Edmonton that often make me smile
  • My life is in the hands of God and, although I have no idea what the future holds, I know He is gracious and loving
  • Some nice people in Canada/USA sent money anonymously to Quiet Waters for Becky and I to buy a full size bed rather than the 3/4 bed we have slept on for the past 9 weeks
  • That you are reading this and that somehow you and I are connected in life

The list goes on, but it was nice to be able to set those in print.


Now, my turn…

Things I’m thankful for:

  • That Stan and I are ‘in this together’ – more so than any other time in our lives – and it continues to amaze me.
  • Our kids, parents, grandchildren, sisters, brothers and in-laws.  You have all been so supportive and loving – it blows me away!
  • That we can do this job and we get excited when we see what can be accomplished here.
  • That we have great memories and that familiarity has become precious.
  • That we have a job where we have time to reflect on the mystery of God almost daily – whether it’s hanging up the laundry, serving the meal or preparing for a devotional.

Anyway, that’s just a few – there are more.  More people and more circumstances.   Thanks.

A little Squishy.


One response to “Thankful

  1. Who’s that funny man on the bed ???????

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