A measure of success?

As you know there is rarely anyway of measuring yourself in this type of business. However, Becky and I did something today that made us feel like success. There is a fireplace in our drawing room that has been blocked by a mirror for more than 25 years. The fireplace was originally boarded up for who knows what reason. Recently (as in 7 years ago), there was a hive of bees discovered in the top of the chimney, so that was given as the reason nothing could be done, as bees are protected. We have found out that in fact the bees are in an adjacent chimney that served one of the upper floor fireplaces that are no longer used.

Becky and I decided something had to be done as the mirror in the fireplace was just odd, and made you feel uncomfortable if you were sitting across from it. So, we attended to fixing it today. Attached is the before and after pictures. We are excited to show it to the past staff people, as they have all complained about it for years.

The funds that we used to buy the electric fireplace were provided from gifts given to mark the golden wedding anniversary of the people who founded Quiet Waters, Howard and Wendy Norton. When we asked him if we could use the funds to fix the fireplace, he was overjoyed as he always wanted to get rid of the mirror.  Next summer, we hope to possibly go one step further and install a gas burning fireplace.  For now, this will work just fine.

Obviously, our purpose here is much more profound than a little change to a fireplace. We continue to hope (and pray) that we are having success in doing what God brought us here to do.


4 responses to “A measure of success?

  1. Looks fabulous! I can picture you and Becky sitting there reading and enjoying the warmth and peace that a fireplace projects!

  2. If I could figure out how, I would box up some snow and send it to you – just to keep your memories of Canada forever etched in your minds! Merry Christmas!

  3. Looks soooo much better! Now all you need is a red area rug!

  4. The difference is unbelievable. It looks like the mirror is a hole leading to the next room.

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