Dec. 13th and no snow!

So, here it is December 13 and there is no snow.  We are wearing spring jackets and some of the bulbs that were here before we came have begun to poke their leaves from the ground – incredible!

The thing that is different about the weather here is that it rains, but only a sprinkling and then it stops.  You wake up in the morning and you hear… birds!  That’s the thing I used to miss about the winter, the birds wouldn’t really sing until the spring came again (not sure if I would sing either when it was cold enough to freeze your larynx!).   But here, every morning they sing, which is a beautiful thing to listen to.  Don’t get me wrong, it is getting chilly here, and the cold is damper than Edmonton, but the weather has been more than tolerable.

The pictures of the flowers were taken two weeks ago, but there are still flowers and bulbs coming up.  The rose bush just outside our cottage was blooming only last week.

I was sitting by the river with one of our guests and along came the swans.  First,  two ‘teenage’ swans and then a few minutes later the parents came, looking this way and that for the ‘runaways’.  I hadn’t seen the swans, so was pretty excited to have seen them.

We are preparing for the Christmas House Party this month, and it will run Dec. 23-27.  We are welcoming 9 house guests and 4 volunteers to put on the shindig.  So if you think of it, please pray that the house will be filled with joy and laughter, and that at this time of the year, we will be able to celebrate Jesus birth knowing Him a little better.

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One response to “Dec. 13th and no snow!

  1. Hello Becks and Stan, Enjoyed reading these two entries on your blog. We too have no snow yet here in Ontario, very strange. Will send you a more detailed email. Brother Al from Guelph, Ontario
    P.S. what’s the best email to connect with you by?

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