Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas, or as they say here, Happy Christmas.  I guess the Merry Christmas has a suggestion of far too much drunken merriment.  It has been a very different Christmas for Becky and I.  Last night on Christmas Eve it dawned on me that it was the first Christmas Eve in 30 years that we had not taken stockings around to children’s beds.  Of course, you might say that is a relief, but I only feel the loss of not having family here.  Actually, the sense of loss has given this Christmas a new sense of significance to me.  As I wallow in my self pity about leaving my home and family in Canada, I have been very much reminded of the fact that Jesus left a heavenly home and ‘family’ to come to earth.  The sacrifice has never registered in the same way it registers with me now.  The Christmas Carol comes to mind: “Thou didst leave thy throne and thy kingly crown, when thou camest to earth for me.” I’m thankful that He did.  Somehow my loss pales in comparison.  What loss I do feel is more than made up by the fact that hopefully we in our own small way are introducing Jesus to people here.  I really do hope your Christmas is very Merry!


2 responses to “Christmas 2011

  1. A touch late I think, but Merry Christmas. I hope for other things to fill the void this year for you. I guess it won’t be sledding though. Not much here this year either:)

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