Winter has arrived

We woke up last Sunday to snow.  It was beautiful.  We have recently returned to England from two weeks in Canada.  (To all of you who may be wondering why we didn’t catch up to you, it was a time strictly for family, sorry).  We didn’t see much snow in Canada, but we did get the pleasure of a few -34 days.  It is no where near that cold in England, the worst is about -5 so far.  However, when the snow fell last week, I was very impressed with all the Brits rushing out to the closest slope and taking advantage of the sledding (spelt sledging here) opportunity.  Of course, we have now had our look at the snow and we are ready to go back to the lovely little flowers that were poking up just before the white stuff fell.

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3 responses to “Winter has arrived

  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. Sure looks very peaceful.

  3. Looks like home to me. Love the snow. Great for a quick snowman.We have finally got snow here too.

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