June 2012


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June 2012

In late April, early May a plea went out to our friends and family to consider coming to Bungay to help with a project that Quiet Waters was undertaking – the painting of the three story Georgian part of the main residence.  It was a huge project and the more people that were involved the easier it would be.  We received some replies, and unfortunately most were unable to come, except… Gary Short!

Gary had 2 weeks vacation from work and made the commitment to come to the UK in  June and help us.  He was here for 12 days – We gave him 1/2 day to get over jetlag (I know, that’s kind of harsh, but he’s a tough one) 2 days he visited relatives in Southampton, ½ day we went to Norwich and 9 you heard me 9 days he painted!!  For 9 twelve-hour days Gary, Stan and Rory painted the house and they finished!  What an amazing blessing it was to have Gary, to help us and to be someone who knew us – our warts and all!  He kept us laughing and entertained with his stories and energy.   We will forever remember what an amazingly opportune gift he gave us in time and encouragement.  He was truly the hands and feet of Jesus.


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