40 days of change-Day 3

12 February, 2016                                               40 days of change-Lent, 2016

Trust – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.                                      Proverbs 3:5

A person of faith exercises trust in the object or person in which they have faith. A common illustration that is used for faith is you can believe that a man can wheel you across a tight rope, but until you climb into the wheelbarrow and trust him with your life, you are only believing and it falls short of faith. The climbing in to the wheelbarrow is an act of trust. You trust the wheelbarrow, the rope and the man. How do you show trust in God? Most likely it is not by climbing into a wheelbarrow, or going anywhere near a tight rope. If we don’t trust God: we don’t want to bear our soul to him; we certainly won’t want to follow his direction; we may not want to listen to him at all in case he asks us to do something we don’t want to do. Trust is key to our faith.

If we look at the example of Jesus, we see a life lived out trusting. Jesus stepped out in trust when he became a human, trusting his being into the hands of a young maiden and a stressed, but good-hearted carpenter. Every time he stepped into a crowd where people loved him and others hated him, he had to trust they wouldn’t kill him or king him. In the garden of Gethsemane when Judas and the High Priest’s cronies came to arrest him, Jesus showed his trusting character by refusing to fight or flee, but rather to entrust himself into their hands. During the mockery of his trial and amidst the absurd accusations against him, he trusted that truth would come out in the end, so he did not defend himself. All of this he did, not because of the people involved, but because he trusted his Father, who he knew loved him and had a perfect plan for him, and ultimately for all humankind.

Am I a person who trusts? Like many relationships, we demonstrate trust in major events, like getting married, but how do we demonstrate it for the following 60 years. In a marriage trust is demonstrated in the little things we do every day. How could you show trust in God today? How about be generous. Being generous is always a risk and it takes trust that whatever we give away, there will be more of it coming our way, or that you will be fine without it. That applies to being generous with money or with time. Is there someone you could spend some time with who could really use a kind word or some attention from you? I know you have a million other things to do. But this is an opportunity to trust that God will enable you to get done what you need to get done in the rest of your day or week? Maybe it’s not time you need to give; but whatever it is, the important thing is not to trust your own ingenuity or ability to do without what you may have given away, but rather trust in the God who loves you and has a perfect plan for you. That will be a good step toward becoming a change person, one who is more trusting in God.


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