After an eight month journey to find out God’s next assignment for them, Stan and Becky left their home and family in Canada to come to Bungay, England to work at a christian retreat center.  This is a new phase of their life where they will be working together on a full time basis with people who are looking for rest and renewal.  In doing this, they hope they will be ‘furthering shalom’.  The concept of furthering shalom comes from a book Stan read called “Making the Best of It” written by Dr. John Stackhouse Jr.  Stan was quite taken with the other idea that each of us should find our vocation in that which would contribute to the shalom of the people around us.  “Shalom” is a very complex word for peace that includes concepts of grace, kindness, joy, etc.  It is what we hope to find in relationship with Christ, but also what we hope is sensed by people who spend time with us.  So, we are seeking to contribute to the shalom of people who come near us, as we live out this part of our lives in England.

Fast forward almost 4 years to February, 2015, we have returned to England after a 18 month hiatus in Canada. We pastored in Three Hills, Alberta and have now returned to Sevenoaks, Kent to pastor a church called Vine Evangelical Church. We will again, try to further shalom in this new environment.


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